Animal Rights and Voluntaryism, a Solution

A Facebook groupee shared this article he wrote on the NAP and animal rights. I responded with what I believe is the voluntaryist solution.

How about… when animals are capable of adopting the non-aggression principle for not only their own species, but toward others, then perhaps we can start including them?
Further, consider proportionality and powers. I have the right to defend myself, therefore I can delegate that power to another. If I am aggressed against, either I or my agent can respond with proportionate aggression to obtain justice. Can an animal delegate their right of self-defense to a human, to an agent, who would then defend them or seek justice on their behalf?

Even if we concede that animals have rights, I don’t think there’s any way for a human being to be delegated the powers of retribution by an animal. It would have to be assumed, and if we allow this to be assumed, what’s to stop me from assuming the powers of retribution for all of the bugs you splattered on your windshield on the way to work? We’d all shortly be hanged.

I believe the answer, as always, is persuasion. You want people to hunt less, eat less meat, swat less flies, then start a campaign of persuasion or shame and convince others to end their “butchery”.


Update 10/23: See this post.

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