What Makes a Consequence Logical?

Editor’s Pick. Written by Kelly Bartlett for PositiveParentingConnection.net.

Throughout our endeavors in positive parenting, the terms “natural consequences” and “logical consequences” are frequently tossed around. It is helpful to understand the differences between natural consequences and logical consequences, as well as to understand when a response is punitive. Parenting with Positive Discipline means striving to use natural consequences before anything else; they are effective at giving children valuable learning experiences while also preserving the integrity of the parent-child relationship.

The use of logical consequences is a popular parenting technique, but it can be risky. A logical consequence is supposed to be one that “fits” with the circumstances, however this leaves a lot of room for interpretation. What one parent may consider a logical consequence for misbehavior, another might find too punitive. When parents experience difficult behavior from children and their emotions are running strong, it becomes very easy to turn what is intended as a logical consequence into a punishment.
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