This is Their God, Their Faith

Writes kawnijml:

Judging by the friends and family that I have spoken with, I would say that much of the illogical and immoral deference to the “national security state,” is founded by one part ignorance in the crimes that the national security apparatus has committed, and another part belief that a few bad actions by government, or a few bad apples (among what they imagine are so many other good apples), is no reason to deny the state the ability to kill whomever it deems a threat.

The statist (even the most well-intentioned) believes that there is no other way in reality, to avoid collateral damage (i.e. children killed by drone strikes), and still defend a nation-state… they are in fact correct on this point. There is no other way to defend a nation-state.

What they can’t grasp, have never considered, and will cause them to writhe in cognitive dissonance, is whether a state or nation-state is necessary at all.

This is at their core. This is their god, their faith, their spiritual center and grounding, that mankind must have noble overlords. Without relinquishing this superstition, they can never grasp and accept the very real possibility of a world without nation-states, and thus without the need to make war, and the possibility of defending one’s self or groups of people without collateral damage (or at least without collateral damage which doesn’t result in reparations being made).

You are guaranteed to upset, and/or lose the confidence of a far greater proportion of your friends and family, than you will ever help see logic, by trying to explain these facts surrounding national-security state’s crimes, and the principles which lead to abolishing this monstrosity and removing the need for such murders and collateral damage.

Best of luck to all.

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