The Subtle Art II

Nobody asked but …

I wrote in a forerunner article that I wasn’t sure whether Mark Manson, the author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, was a voluntaryist or not. He would probably advise you to give no f*cks.

The upshot of the book is that you should only do so for that for which you are responsible.  You are not responsible for Mark Manson.  You are not responsible for Kilgore Forelle.  The sine qua non of voluntaryism is that you only get to enjoy liberties if you are willing to accept, wholly, the consequences that arise from using those liberties. Some claim that there is an exception for practicing self-defense. Au contraire, you must try to foresee and you must, regardless, bear responsibility for those consequences as well. Getting a pass is not what this is; this is in the event of the collapse of voluntaryist principles. The moment you do something in self-defense, that something is according to the principles of self-defense, not the principles of voluntaryism.

— Kilfore Forelle

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