The State Versus an “Anarchist Society”

Written by Mark Stovel for On the Mark.

The State asserts a “coerced monopoly of the provision of defense service (police and courts) over a given territorial area” which is said to give the State the “right” to have the monopoly on all legitimate use of force in the given territorial area. This leads to the State ultimately asserting that it has the “right” to demand that all citizens behave in whatever arbitrary manner that the State wishes. The obedience of the subject masses becomes the ultimate goal of the entity we call the State. Of course, the State is really the favored minority that make up the leadership of the State and the enforcement of the decisions of these rulers comes through a group of bureaucrats and uniformed thugs who may enforce the dictates as they see fit and at their whim. Hence we get petty tyrannies and inconsistencies throughout the system — besides the raw tyranny of the rulers themselves.
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