The Murder of George Floyd

George Floyd may have had some drugs in his system at the time he was attacked by the Blue Line Gang.

He may have resisted arrest.


To those who think this matters, how do they feel if a woman who had a glass of wine is killed while fighting off a kidnapper? It’s the same thing.

Once I discovered Floyd was originally molested by legislation enforcement thugs because he may have spent a counterfeit Federal Reserve Note (FRN) I was even angrier over his murder.

I have no idea how many counterfeit FRNs I may have spent over the course of my life. Every few months some of them turn up in this area. I know cashiers who have been fooled before the counterfeits were discovered by management. If they were good enough to not be noticed before the cashier got them, should the cashier be kidnapped or murdered over this mistake?

Is a phony piece of phony money– a counterfeit of a counterfeit– worth killing over?

The Federal Reserve [sic] makes trillions of counterfeit dollars. That’s what a Federal Reserve Note is. And that’s the real crime.

Those cops should never have approached George Floyd.

They should not have escalated the situation to a kidnapping.

They should not have murdered him.

Police are where the knee of tyranny meets the neck of humanity.

Abolish the police!

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