Statism is Malware

The statist brain is a malfunctioning machine.

At a minimum, it has been infected with malware (often intentionally downloaded in government schools) which makes it unable to ask certain questions, especially if the answers would expose the malfunction.

It is unable to process certain answers; can’t even be aware of them in many cases.

The malfunction makes the statist brain resistant to repair. It keeps redirecting back to the malware rather than allowing the virus to be quarantined and removed.

When the malfunction causes a person to commit evil acts, individuals (and ultimately society) are harmed. The statist brain is harmful to the individual who possesses it and to all those the malfunctioning individual encounters.

Can this malfunction be repaired? If so, how? Yes, “kill them all” would end the statist brain malfunction (assuming it’s not a signature of the malfunction), but fewer brains doesn’t seem optimal.

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