Re: Electoral Politics

Writes Ben Speers:

I don’t want to “fix” government. I would rather get rid of it entirely, and the first step in that direction is withdrawing my consent. For example, I refuse to consent to being ruled by either Candidate A or Candidate B (or C or D, etc.). I also refuse to cooperate in imposing a ruler on my fellow human beings. Lastly, I refuse to participate in a ceremony that fraudulently creates the illusion that government is based on “the will of the people.” And in any case, the system is rigged and hopelessly stacked against libertarians. Fighting tyranny with symmetrical ‘warfare’ (figuratively) makes about as much sense as a small band of guerrillas marching in formation into a battlefield occupied by a large, conventional army. Don’t play by their rules. Rather than trying to match the enemy blow for blow in a battle of his choosing where his power is supreme, we must pit our strengths against his weaknesses.

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