Schools, Not Guns, Are The Problem

Allowing government schools to continue to exist is a safety nightmare.

First of all, you are putting your kids in the hands of cowards and ethical cripples. They ban the decent people from being armed, which encourages evil losers to treat the school as a shooting gallery. If you work for or in a school, and you don’t fight against the “no guns/weapons” policies you are part of the problem. If you help those policies be enforced you are so much worse.

Schooling is not synonymous with education, and it’s long past time to banish that religious delusion. Calling for government schools–Kinderprisons–to be abolished completely isn’t speaking out against education; it is placing education over indoctrination. But, if someone wants their kids to be indoctrinated into the statist religion in a state-administered shooting gallery, that’s their business–as long as they don’t force others to pay for it, and they don’t try to impose compulsory attendance “laws”.

Truancy is not ever wrong and can’t be a real crime. “School shootings” are only a symptom of a destructive government program which has been destroying individuals and families for much too long.

It’s past time to make them go away, or at least limit the damage they do to those who are too ignorant to care.

Death to kinderprison!

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