Liberty Remains Essential Principle

Liberty, as a principle, will always prove true. Respecting liberty always works, violating it always hurts. The truth doesn’t care whether you like this or not.

Government’s very existence violates liberty by interfering in your natural rights to life, liberty, and property. Some people claim government protects your liberty or “gives you freedom,” but this is as nonsensical as claiming arsonists are protecting your property by burning down your house.

Anyone who limits your individual liberty, using any excuse, is your enemy. It works the same whether it’s a kidnapper with a knife or a politician using legislation.

Liberty is freedom tempered with responsibility; the freedom to do everything you have a right to do. The principle of liberty is that there is no right, nor imaginary political authority, to forbid you from doing what you have a natural human right to do; whatever doesn’t violate the equal and identical rights of any other person.

Your liberty can be violated without you being caged.

A government creating money out of nothing and causing inflation, imposing anti-gun legislation that always results in harm, or committing war violates your liberty every time, regardless of the justification.

When government counterfeits money through the Federal Reserve or steals it through taxation, it is violating your property rights. Your property is being taken; your wealth is being destroyed. This is a rejection of the principle of liberty; it harms the country.

A new wrinkle on the “tax the rich” scam is the plot to tax money people didn’t actually make — taxation proponents call these “unrealized gains.” This is a crooked scheme; if it is unrealized, it wasn’t a gain. This could hasten economic collapse. Politicians are counting on this collapse happening after they are gone so it can be blamed on future politicians.

And recent events in Ukraine demonstrate why the entire population must always be armed with the most effective weapons. You know, the kind of weapons President Biden says you don’t need for deer hunting. It’s not about deer, Joe, it’s about being able to fight off people who want to violate your liberty in ways you wouldn’t allow if you were adequately armed. It doesn’t matter whether the enemies you need to fend off are foreign or domestic — from Moscow, Washington, D.C., or your hometown — your life may someday depend on you being able to defeat them.

No matter the issue, liberty remains an essential principle.

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