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Here are some of the things I have been thinking about:

  • School Shootings
    • Why does a public school have to serve 3000 students?  That is 3 times the size of the little southern Kentucky town my Father grew up in.  Is there a correlation between size and likelihood of violence?
    • Can we say that all of the causes of the Florida shootings, each and every one, can be laid on the doorstep of statism?
    • What would be wrong with small, one-room schools where the teacher is aware of the mental condition of every student?
    • Can we say yet that neither direct gun control nor background checks have made any difference?  Isn’t the definition of madness to keep doing the same things, while expecting different results?
    • How many billions are spent annually on gun control initiatives and background checks?
  • Roads
    • Why would private enterprise ever build a road that would not be used immediately?  Because they would build them where paths are already being used or connections between two points already exist.
    • The railroads (ie roads) were not built by government*, although some sought unnecessary subsidies from the government.  [* until Amtrak, that is.]
    • Does the state care at all about the annual traffic fatalities numbering in 5 figures?
  • Politics
    • No political solutions will ever solve a problem.  If they did, then we wouldn’t need politicians anymore.  No politician will allow a solution which would put her out of work.
    • What is the purpose of temporary security clearances?
    • Can you find a completely necessary subsidy, paid from state to non-state entity?
    • What’s the difference between consolidate and destroy versus divide and conquer?
  • Society
    • Is a bee hive really a good model of a society?  If so, then why are bees being destroyed by colony collapse disorder?  Why don’t they have a standing army?
    • If national self-defense is an appropriate function of the state, then why are there so many defenseless nations?  Furthermore, why are there peaceful, successful nations that have de minimus defense establishments?

— Kilgore Forelle

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