The Political Objectives Test

I just took the “political objectives” test found here. My result, which seems accurate enough to me:

Your result for The Political Objectives Test…


You scored 29 Equality, 100 Liberty, and 43 Stability!

Liberty is so overwhelmingly important to you that you wish to eliminate anything that can interfere with it. The number one target of your outrage is ‘The State’ (all government + bureaucracy + military) but other forces that may quash freedom (corporations or religions or even family) are also subject to your ridicule. If you have the right personality then you may participate in anarchist actions to remove all these oppressive institutions. You may advocate violent revolution but you are more likely to recognise that violence is itself the product of oppression and reject it in favour of non-violent resistance. You think that every person is sovereign unto themselves but you also recognise that it is natural for us to want to interact with others. However every relationship must be totally consensual. The preferred model for you is the group in which everyone willingly participates in decision-making and in which all economic and cultural interactions are freely made or terminated. If this is all a bit much for you then try the Libertarian on for size. And for related forms of politics see Revolutionary and Survivalist.

I struck-through the less accurate parts. Corporations and religions are powerless, in my opinion, without the state or family to enforce their wills; and it would take a lot, more than is implied in this sentence, for me to advocate violent revolution. Otherwise spot-on.
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