Poisonous Narratives

Victim/predator narratives are highly saturated within Western culture. This isn’t only limited to feminists, SJWs, alt-right, BLM, trans-activists or anyone else. It is everywhere, including your mind and my mind.

We are all social creatures that subconsciously negotiate our place within our culture. Individuals with a strong ego and solid intellectual framework have an easier time combating these narratives, but it doesn’t eliminate them. We all still have to negotiate our place within our cultural framework, and we have to pick our battles.

Philosophically, I largely reject all victim/predator narratives when freedom of association exists. This is why I focus my philosophical vitriol at the coercive and non-voluntary aspects of our society (school, government, how people treat children). However, I still generally despise the victim mentality within coercive relationships. This is because the mentality/psychology of it offers nothing of benefit in our culture and for an individual. It leans into the coercion rather than attempting to maximize opportunity and individual choice.

Despite this philosophical framework, I live in a society that thinks very differently. My desire for a good life makes me pick my battles and I work around it. Even in my own mind, I have low expectations of “victim” groups.

We live in a society where a wife saying that they expect their working husband to change diapers is totally appropriate, but where a husband saying they expect anything of their stay at home wife is inappropriate (changing diapers, dinner done at a certain time, sex, clean clothes, etc). This isn’t just feminism in our society, it is the permeation of all victim/predator narratives. However, this is what I don’t like about a large segment of the identity politics on the right. They don’t desire to rid themselves of the poisonous narratives and move towards individualism … just to merely shift the players.

Growing up in this culture makes it so it is incredibly difficult for members of “victim” groups to escape their incentives. There is always an easy scapegoat for any problems that exist and a whole community in place to reinforce your victimhood. These people won’t learn individual responsibility, and will generally spend their whole lives being a worthless leech onto others. The tyranny of low expectations will crush their ability to offer significant value.

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Aaron White, married to a swell girl, is a business owner and unschooling father of two, going on three. His hobbies are music and poker. He resides in Southern California.

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