On Jury Nullification

Ben Swann just launched a project to promote the concept of “jury nullification” called JUST US. That’s fantastic. I wholeheartedly agree with the promotion of this very important tool for liberty and justice. However, in his video announcing the project, he wanted to be clear that jury nullification should not be used to acquit violators of good laws, like murderers and rapists. I disagree. These laws are no more about justice than are laws against victimless crimes like smoking or possessing marijuana. They are laws designed to keep an aggressor’s victim(s) from obtaining true justice, being made as whole as possible by their aggressor, and to create even more victims through the coercive funding of prisons and prisoners. There isn’t a single law on the books today that should not be nullified by juries around the world because all laws were created by a monopoly government, the state, and create more victims through their enforcement. And that’s today’s two cents.


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