Mass Murder at Boulder’s King Soopers

It’s hard to avoid falling into conspiratorial thinking when mass shootings happen anytime the anti-gun bigots of government need them to happen.

Like, do these evil losers get their marching orders directly, or do they just know instinctively when to “go hot” to advance the anti-gun agenda?

How much do you want to bet the Boulder King Soopers was a designated slaughter zone? Has anyone seen a photo of the We don’t care if you die sign by their door?

Some want to say that the cop being killed shows guns wouldn’t save anyone. But, an evil loser is naturally going to target the one person he knows for sure is armed first. Then he’s free to kill uninterrupted. A universally-armed population would have solved that problem before it even began.

It sickens me that someone could murder that many people without being shot dead in the act by 4 or 5 bystanders. But this is the world anti-gun bigots and their legislation have worked so hard to create and perpetuate.

As always, the problem was too few guns, with the evil loser having the advantage. But anti-gun bigots want to double down and make this the guaranteed default– by legislation, everywhere. You can’t fail harder than that. They are literally siding with potential mass murderers, making it safer for them to commit evil.

I’ve been part of more than one universally-armed society. An armed society IS a polite– and peaceful– society. Not, as the anti-gun bigots fear, one where everyone is afraid of everyone else. Maybe one where everyone respects the rights of everyone else, for sure. One where people who might otherwise feel the “need” to violate others are now afraid to do so. Not a bad thing in any way.

A lesson here is that, anytime anti-gun legislation is at the top of the agenda, don’t go anywhere unarmed. A mass shooting is coming soon. Maybe more than one. It probably won’t happen in your presence, but no one can guarantee that. “It can’t happen here, now, to me” is delusional thinking. Be ready. Unlike the anti-gun bigots who blame guns, I want you to be safe, prepared, and responsible. I don’t treat you like a somewhat stupid, naughty child.

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