Jesus, Anarchy, and the Golden Rule

While wrapping their socialism, statism, and megalomania is “family values,” [Republicans] rail against abortion while turning a blind eye to the mass murder of innocents committed by the US government overseas in order to get the Evangelical vote. Paul is the only candidate up there–probably the only national politician–who is consistently pro-life: anti-abortion, anti-war, and anti-capital punishment. Like John the Baptist screaming in the wilderness, Paul is more prophet than politician, and a statesman–and more importantly, he represents a philosophy–that any Christian who truly values the words and deeds of Christ should support…

Jesus essentially created a stateless society in the middle of the largest empire the world had ever known at the time, an alternative order to the coercive slavery of man-made law, man-made idols, and man-made empire. No man, especially Caesar, was “Father,” Jesus said, “Thou Father art in Heaven.” The law of individual freedom and the inalienable rights of men stemmed not from the rule of fallible men in palaces, but from God and our nature. If the Golden Rule that governs private society implies anarchy, so be it! Withdraw your consent, he said. Peace, non-violence, and voluntarism are the alternatives to empire and the welfare-warfare state.

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