Guns, Criminals, and The Mentally Deranged

“We must find a way to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally deranged.” ~ Lying cowardly loser

Who do you mean by “we”, since I’ll have no part in such a scheme? How do you propose “we” do what you suggest? Who do you give the imaginary power to carry this out? A gang of proven unethical criminals called “government”? Yeah, that always goes well.

Who gets to define “criminal” and “mentally deranged”? Or even “weapons”? I know– those same proven, unethical criminals of “government”, right?

How would you implement this plan without violating some number of innocent people? Or do they even matter to you? Are they just “collateral damage” to be ignored and discarded for your Big Idea? That does seem to be the standard practice of your favored vile gang.

Are you personally willing to go door to door stealing guns from people and murdering those who resist? Or would you continue to be a sniveling coward and send other vile parasites to die on your behalf?

Do you take personal responsibility for those killed when denied (or fatally delayed while awaiting your approval) a weapon they needed for self defense? Because if you support this kind of thing, I will hold you personally accountable. Each and every time some innocent person is murdered in one of your “gun free zones“, or even in a place where the “laws” and policies make it even slightly less likely that good people there will be adequately armed, I hold YOU responsible if you support anti-gun “laws” and policies. Yes, YOU. You are on the side of the murderers who need unarmed victims and slaughter zones to keep them trapped.

Yes, I grant that anti-gun “laws” may save some lives. They will also cost some lives, and this you carefully ignore. What makes you the god who gets to decide to roll the dice and let randomness choose who lives and who dies at the hands of your “laws“? What made you so cowardly that you either refuse to contribute to the defense of those around you, or fear those who do step up?

No one has the right (or the “authority“) to make up rules banning or “regulating” weapons. Not you, not a president, not the BATFEces gang, not judges, not “community activists”, not congressvermin, not cops, not mayors or governors. No one. That right doesn’t exist and can’t be created.

And, I even break away from some of my co-travelers in that I know rights can never be lost— not even if you are a criminal or are mentally deranged. No one has a right to forbid you to own and to carry weapons, but they do have the right to shoot anyone who chooses to archate. That’s just reality, and if it doesn’t suit you, you are free to leave the realm of reality in hopes of a more suitable afterlife.

This “plan” will go nowhere, because it is both wrong and impossible. You are free to yap about it and pretend it’s an option. You are probably able to make up “laws” and murder people who break them. I will not comply, not will I expect anyone else to comply. I will not report anyone I suspect of violating your made-up rules. I assume everyone is always armed, anyway, so why would I act otherwise? I will never cooperate in taking weapons from anyone who isn’t archating, and then only when it is defense.

You are a disgusting coward for believing this plan of yours is an answer or a solution, rather than an escalation of the foundational problem. You are also an idiot for not seeming to realize that other nasty cowards and control freaks have made the same suggestion throughout the mists of time. There will always be lying cowardly losers like you, wanting to be “pragmatic” in violating others. You are nothing new. Get lost, worm.

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