The Future of the SJW and Its Related Movements

I recently read a very timely article from Evan Stern over at FEE entitled “Why I Left the Left.” When discussing the evolution of his radical meetings away from the concepts of being anti-statist, and adopting more social justice oriented goals, he states the following: “Special privileges to be heard were conferred to the most oppressed within the group. This led to a bizarre new struggle within the movement over who might lay claim to being the most truly oppressed.”

Been making that very point myself now, for quite a while. This SJW movement and its like kind can only end 1 of 2 ways, or some combination of the two.

1. It is defeated by an outside force–science, imo, is going to be the deciding factor, provided scientists keep gnawing at the SJW’s heels.

2. They eat each other.

Ultimately, there has to be a supreme “victim,” from which all other victims bow down, and take their marching orders. It has already started in feminism, where white feminists (especially female ones) are being told to shut up because their feminism doesn’t adequately address the increasingly complex world of “poc feminism.” Hence the need for “inter-sectional feminism.” If you are a white gay male, your troubles may be oppressive, but you don’t have the “oppressional currency” to purchase more positive rights than a transgendered poc.

It’s hilarious in how transparent their own bigotry is, but it is totally lost on them. They think they are being saviors, when their own bad guys are their own selves.

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