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Which is the lesser of two evils — having a lesser evil in public office or having a greater evil moaning about losing?  If the candidate who was the greater of two evils loses thereby, doesn’t that outcome represent a lesser of two evils? But is that offset by having a lesser, but still evil, of two evils attain a power position whereby greater evil can be realized?  Does evil even have a quantifiable component?  How do you determine which is the lesser and which the greater of two evils?  How much less counts as lesser?  Do future contexts cause the interchange of greater and lesser?  Does a simple determination of greater evil stand up permanently as a valid response to Ockham’s Razor or the Law of Parsimony?  Is a little devil standing on a stack of hay bales less evil than a big devil standing hip deep in a hole?

— Kilgore Forelle

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