Child Sexual Abuse Scandals and Parents

Of all the people who’s names are being brought to light as guilty for one thing or another in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, we can’t overlook the role of the abused boys’ parents.

Ultimately, parents are the ones responsible for the welfare of their kids. If they send their kids to school, to be raised by strangers, they’re to blame when those strangers raise them to less than ideal standards. And they’re also to blame if they send their kids to who turns out to be a sexual predator.

It can happen anywhere, and from anybody. Teachers at school, your priest, your Boy Scout leader, your little-league coach, ANYBODY and ANYWHERE. Wake up, people! Be a little more involved in your kids’ lives. Keep them a little closer, and make sure they’re always “standing in holy places”. If it were me, take a pay cut, ie. keep one spouse home, and unschool your kids. Thousands of unschooled kids have learned every practical skill they’ve ever needed to know, all without the baggage of compulsory schooling. In my opinion, there’s not a single good reason to send your kids to be raised by someone else, usually against their will.

Attend their extra-curricular activities, their sports, including their practices. Be there with them, sharing every moment of their lives. Of course, you could fail miserably at this. How? By trying to control everything they do. Give them freedom, and enjoy the ride. And most importantly, keep them safe. They’re yours for just a short while, before they’re on their own. Prepare them for life. Remember, if they get abused, it’s partly your fault.

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