Re: An Article to Pass On to Priests, et al

Christian Prophet, great article. This is something I’ve thought a lot about. The Israelites in the Old Testament were told what sorts of atrocities a king would inflict on them, yet they demanded one anyway. A clear showing of whom it was they were placing their faith in, and who they wanted to provide for them and fight their battles.

It’s happening today. Those who claim to be Christian, or any religious affiliation, really, have increasingly turned from their God and his promise to take care of them. They put in office counterfeit gods who wield the sword of state to rob society in order to create the illusion of security and prosperity. We’ve had a diminishing return on both.

Only a free society can provide true security and true prosperity. When everyone is held accountable to the same standards of civilized conduct, meaning that no one has a monopoly on administering law, real law, mala in se, then nobody is allowed the opportunity to climb on the backs of the productive class to claim their spoils.

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