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On the way to work this morning, I saw a cassowary.  Right or wrong, I saw a cassowary (two of them, in fact).  Let me be quick to point out that casuarius casuarius does not occur by Darwinian nature in the Bluegrass of Kentucky.  But it does occur by the workings of the law of unforeseen consequences, and this too is a part of nature.  To help you crack this mystery, I will add that a very nice family maintains a farm on a ridge out my way, and on that farm they maintain many exotic animals, including the cassowary, along with wallaby, coatimundi, bison, dromedary, llama, alpaca, palomino mules, Texas longhorns, and so forth.  That all of these have arrived here on my drive to work, may be an oddity, but it is by nature.

Other oddities are Brexit, the current POTUS, teenagers, the Canadian government’s alleged policy of sterilizing indigenous women, The Caravan, reality television, bonfires, The Constitution, and further so forth.  These are oddities but also natural occurrences.  None of them arrived by magic.  Unicorns, leprechauns, and Disney princesses are figments of the imagination, but the people who believe in them are both natural and odd.

Look around you.  Anything can happen (including pictures of deities in pizza) and usually does.  Many of the things that happen are recognized to be good.

— Kilgore Forelle


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Kent McManigal
3 years ago

When I go to town I pass some zebras and ostriches. Those aren’t exactly native to New Mexico, but there they are, And somehow I feel they make my day better when I see them. And, as you say, they didn’t get there by magic, but by natural processes.