Anti-Gun Bigotry Will Not Prevent It

Another “gun free zone”; another mass murder.

Enough is enough.

Yet, the anti-gun activists will blame people who didn’t do it (they already are) for the acts of a couple of evil losers who did. It’s the same old story every time.

Whether or not I have guns didn’t affect the outcome. I didn’t shoot anyone, and I wasn’t present when the little losers did.

Texas isn’t a gun-friendly state, as so many are trying to paint it. There are multitudes of counterfeit anti-gun “laws” enforced in Texas (I know, it’s where I live) to empower evil losers who want to kill a lot of people. The schools are still designated slaughter houses (“gun free zones”) here in this town. The cops are still useless to actually prevent crime, but rely on safe and easy extortion of drivers and homeowners to collect their ill-gotten gains. And they love to molest people on “gun charges” when those people did nothing wrong.

And, yet, the elites (and those who want to get a pat on the head from them) will solemnly opine that the crime is the fault of all of us who didn’t do it, and that we must be enslaved to prevent other evil losers from doing this in the future.

It’s worse than pointless — it will actually continue to make such crimes more likely by making them safer for the evil losers.

Even if the evil loser expects to die at the end of his attack, he wants to survive long enough to “score” a large body count. Anti-gun “laws” help him do just that.

I’m not going to be nice to people who want me to be enslaved to their “laws”, and die for their cause. And if you are an anti-gun bigot, that’s what you advocate, whether you are honest about it or not.

Not one more inch. No more. Freedom- I won’t.

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