Words Poorly Used #46 — Freedom

Wouldn’t William Wallace, aka Braveheart, be rolling over in his grave now?  Contrary to popular misconception, Scotland’s people will not be voting on either freedom or independence.  They will be voting on (and in the minds of some, submitting to) which government they will have — a.) British rule or b.) another state modeled on British rule.  This is known in the poli-socio-sci realm as the Delphi Technique, specifically, and the False Dichotomy, generally.  It is also a distinction without a difference — which cast of statist characters will caregive to the North Sea oil interests.  The strength of liberty is inversely proportion to the strength of statism.  Individual freedom is inversely proportional to the degree of collectivism.  The change from one form of involuntary collectivism to another is no change at all.

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