Words Poorly Used #31 — The Social Contract

“The Social Contract” as shopped by the collectivist authoritarians (aka the state) is the pseudo agreement by which police shoot our dogs, while we involuntarily allow them a get-out-of-jail-free card.  Proponents of this implicit order have nullified the voluntary nature of contracts, and falsely represented their scheme as the only one which will protect us from ourselves.  This usage of the term falsely signals both sociability and accord when neither is delivered.  A contract must exist physically between two people.  If any additional people subscribe, it can only be with the clear, voluntary, and direct, agreement of the previous subscribers.  Such a system does not apply in the massive hoodwink that the USA has drifted into in response to the manipulations of the oligarchy.  If you doubt that we have been manipulated, do you recall when you were given the option to accept or reject payroll tax deduction?  Or can you identify the exact moment in which you signed on for the destruction of Iraq?  To reject a state-orchestrated “Social Contract” is not a rejection of the free society in which you desire to live nor of your natural right to maintain whatever voluntary social agreements you wish. 


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