Words Poorly Used #24 — Minarchy

The problem with minarchism is that there is no agreement on what the minimum activity of government is. I believe government has no role in human nature. So if we talk about going through minarchy as a step toward anarchy, that is unfortunately an ambiguous target. If we instead are using minarchy to mean less of the same, then we overlook government’s never ending urge toward BIG.  Government exists to grow.  Government spends its entire being 24/7/365 figuring out how to grow.  It is true, some argue rationally that government needs to be a dispute settlement institution only, but the rampant perversion, corruption, self-serving, and malignant growth of the American justice blob tells us realistically that a benign dispute mechanism cannot be managed by a state uncorrected by a free market.  Others insist with only seeming logic that national defense is necessary; how they can make this argument with a straight face, in view of mental aberrations like collateral damage and a global map blemished by a thousand permanent bases of hired killers, is a mystery.


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