Words Poorly Used #23 — Legalize

I am in favor of dis-legalization of marijuana.  Marijuana is already “legalized” in all jurisdictions, where it is either outlawed or taxed and regulated.  It’s just a plant, folks!  Why can’t we just eradicate all “legal” references to marijuana.  You can’t win against the state as long as you let them control the words.  Legalization means taxation, manipulation, regulation, intervention.  Do you think they won’t break down your door for dodging this tax, or for buying from an unlicensed seller, or for having too much, or just to check that you are using and storing it properly?  Please, reconsider!  I know that “legalization” may have been seized upon by freedom people as a way to get a foot in the door, but as a friend once pointed out, when you play ball with the man he will stick the bat up your place where the sun doesn’t shine.  The state has no more right to “legalize” marijuana than it does to declare war on it.

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