Why Easter Should Be Important For Everyone

I have been studying the Bible since Good Friday is approaching and I have decided to look at it from a secular perspective. I attended a lecture by a Palestinian Jew who was a part of Kairos Palestine a few months ago. I was drawn to it because I have always had an interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict due to my heritage.

The speaker at this event was Mark Braverman. The thing that caught my attention the most was that he spoke warmly of Jesus in a societal activist context. He was still a Conservative Jew too. This made me very curious, so I decided to investigate the story of Christ from an outside perspective.

When I looked at it from the outside perspective, I discovered that it’s all about the state and society tearing down someone because of His beliefs. It was almost like a libertarian fiction story in the way it talks about ultra-conservative zealots and big government. I don’t believe in using the Bible to justify my political beliefs. I am, instead, looking at it in a strictly historical context.
Unfortunately, this seems like a theme in every society. If you were to ask me which was worse in terms of discrimination, I would have to say that it’s the leftists. Everyone and anyone heard about the infamous Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke story. The leftists immediately stood up and started to label Limbaugh as a sexist and a chauvinistic pig. They also demanded lawsuits to silence Rush and to kick him off the air. I even had a conversation with a leftist about the incident and she said that she refused to forgive Rush for what he said. 
I didn’t see what the big deal was. It was horrible that he said it, but we shouldn’t be focusing on it so intensely. Everyone who is passionate about politics always says something stupid or derogatory. It happens. 
When the Reverend Al Sharpton was caught on video calling an audience member a “punk faggot” recently, there was absolutely no massive media coverage about the event. The only way to really describe what’s going on is discrimination against less-than-acceptable opinions and calling for the state to come in and intervene.
The people that I tend to tick off the most with what I say are leftists. I’ve had my fair share of encounters with social conservatives who questioned my faith and some even went as far as to say that I’m an apostate. I’m used to being criticized though. It comes with the territory when you adopt libertarianism. 
It is plainly obvious that it is usually the leftists who want to censor unpopular opinions and force people to think like them. Not every left-winger does that, but it’s usually the case when it comes to censorship. 
Easter is a lot more than that though. It is strictly focused on Christ. However, let’s not forget the historical context it has and how to apply it to our own society.  
(And check out this article by Judge Andrew Napolitano – I just found it as I finished this) 
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