Where You Are and Where You Are Headed

From my days inside Christianity I know how much people love the Dramatic Conversion Story. So much so that the people who would come tell their Dramatic Conversion Story would emphasize that you didn’t need to have this kind of story to share. Your true story is good enough as it is.

Well, you also don’t have to have been a raging statist before growing up and accepting your responsibility to reject achation. It matters what you are now and where you are headed, not what you were in the past.

My conversion story isn’t that dramatic. Sure, I used to accept a lot of statist nonsense. I thought some “laws” were good and necessary. I thought some cops were probably decent people. I figured licenses and permits had their place, and I wondered whether guns should be more tightly controlled. All that sort of thing.

But I was never really a fan of The State. I always felt it was overrated, and not quite as represented.

Then I grew up and started seeing that the situation was a lot worse than I had suspected. And it’s a process which continues to this day.

So I went from a lukewarm statist to… whatever I am now. Not as dramatic as if I had been an enthusiastic supporter of taxation, laws, and other forms of molestation before I wised up. But, wherever I started, I’m glad I’m where I am now, and I’m glad for the direction I’m headed. Dramatic or not.

And, just like mine, your story is good enough. Just keep moving consistently in the right direction.

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