When Everyone Around You Wants to Restrict Freedom

Written by Yaël Ossowski for TheStatelessMan.com.

There are common sentiments which befall those who attempt to inform others of the excesses and abuses of government force.

Despite campaigning on the virtues of personal liberty in the political realm, recommending books, literature, and videos in social settings, and bringing forward economic data, historical comparisons, and empirically-tested principles in academia, advocates for a less aggressive state often find themselves outnumbered, outclassed, and outplayed.

What then, are skeptics of centralized power and control to do?

The plain fact is that people tend to want to move away from a society that restricts freedom and toward one that embraces personal sovereignty. Beyond migration, though, if one is looking to live beyond the constraints imposed by society and government, there are some things one can do in the current system to help freedom evolve and expand.
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