Watch How These Acrobatic, Minimalists Want to Raise Their Kids!

I remember when I was pregnant (and even before) I had all these ideas about how I would raise my future child(ren). I was very passionate about child rearing years before I considered having my own, so research was something that was fun and natural for me. By the time my son was born, I felt very prepared and well-equipped.

One of the most common and frustrating things I would hear from people when I would passionately talk about kids as a non-parent was some version of, “haha, yea! You just wait until you have your own kids! You’ll be singing a different tune.”

It’s true that some things can only be learned and experienced once we become actual parents to another human, but to be honest, I stand true now to everything I thought was important before I had my son. Some things we understand on a deeper level and we don’t need a child to get the biologial and physiological imperatives of raising humans. I call it radical parenting, but truth be told, it is only radical in a world that had bought into the superiority model and commercialized version of parenting. It is actually original parenting before everything else came along.

That’s why I really love Conor and Brittany. They are two people who have put a lot of thought and consideration into having a child before they have gotten pregnant. Consciousness around child raising is something we are seeing more and more of, and it is so refreshing to see two people go down this path, pre-pregnancy. And because their desires for parenting align so much with the message here at Freedom Mama, I wanted to give them credit for their thoughtfulness and share their intentions with you all. I am so excited to watch them become parents. Take a look!

If you want to discover more about Conor and Brittany, make sure you follow them on Youtube and Instagram where they spread the message of health, freedom, sex positivity, partnered acrobatics, minimalism, travel + MORE!

Instagram: @conorandbrittany@simpleliving13

YouTube: Conor + BrittanyBrittanyConor

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H. Rearden
H. Rearden
5 years ago

Minimalism became somewhat popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I am somewhat surprised that young people today are promoters of that art form.