Voluntary Aggression

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Back around the Turn of the Millennium (Y2K), when I became aware in a formal sense of my voluntaryism, my libertarianism, my adherence to the NAP/ZAP (Non-Aggression Principle/Zero Aggression Principle), my recognition that 99.99999% of the Universe functions under anarchy, I also became aware that I needed to reconcile some of my cherished childhood beliefs. Would I continue to be true to my school, stand for the anthem, cheer on my favorite teams? No, no, and yes.

Tonight I will be attending a Kentucky Wildcats basketball game, and I will cheer mightily for the Big Blue. Although basketball is aggression, it is voluntary aggression — only as an exception to the natural order is someone unilaterally bound to play basketball — coerced without respite to dribble, screen and shoot.  Although basketball has rules, minions, artificial order, regimentation, and hierarchy, circumstances where might makes right, there is no instance where one is compelled to play basketball.  Please do not gainsay me with tales of authoritarian states, where players may be compelled to play for the state, the problem there is the state, not the task.

Actually, my fascination with the game of basketball is with its kaleidoscopic quality.  No two games are the same.  Unforeseen consequences are an extra, dominant phenomenon.  Later in 2003, I found another sport that offered even more rich unpredictability, rugby.  In rugby, I quickly became a fan of the New Zealand All Blacks.  There is a parallel between the All Blacks and the Wildcats, the all-time most winning team of any recordkeeping sport and the all-time most winning team of college basketball.

— Kilgore Forelle


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