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Now let’s consider the multiplex of associations that can impinge on the life of any individual. Associations can be any connection between any two persons, places, things — for instance going to a Boy Scout Jamboree and being addressed by POTUS can be an association with an event  — between you and the event. Pursuing a hobby of stamp collecting is an association between a person and a thing. A high school romance is an association between two persons. Visiting Isle of Palms, South Carolina repeatedly is an association between a person and a place. Only if one person can say that they have experienced exactly the same associations at exactly the same times with another person can one say, “well, we are not unique with respect to one another.”  I repeat my assertion, there is no such thing as a completely duplicate person. While the probability exists, the practicality is non-existent.  I am reminded of the story, perhaps true, when a fan corresponded with Kurt Vonnegut, writing “you and I think alike,” whereupon Vonnegut responded, “then one of us isn’t necessary.”

— Kilgore Forelle

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