Uniquity I

Nobody asked but …

Do you know what are the odds against your ever existing?  It is a matter of billions of people (parents) and the odds against any particular two male and female ever meeting in the first place, much less getting together on the day you would be conceived.  It is a number more vast than trying to guess to the minute or hour when the Yellowstone Caldera will become the Yellowstone Volcano, and that number is figured over hundreds of millennia.  It is a number more vast than trying to predict which of your brain cells will cease, and be replaced.  The probability that you will exist was so small it was like dividing the Universe’s dimensions into 1.  You are unique, now and throughout time, past, present, and future.  Your replica could happen, but for all practical purposes, it never has and never will.  Therefore, you have the natural right to be recognized for what you are, free and unique.  You also have an equal degree of responsibility.

— Kilgore Forelle

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