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This isn’t my first publication, but it is my first publication that I authored entirely. Everything Voluntary: From Politics to Parenting was self- published in 2012, myself as editor. It was an anthology of essays introducing the philosophy of voluntaryism in politics, the economy, parenting, and childhood education.(1) These are also the areas covered here, again self-published.

This booklet was originally written at the beginning of 2015 as a series of columns on my website,, where I write and podcast weekly. I decided to make it available in paperback and the various digital formats.

I hope that what you read here proves enlightening. I highly recommend that as you encounter the footnotes, you take the time to access the recommended material. This guide would not be complete without the reader taking full advantage of what it has to offer. Likewise, the “further reading” at the end will help you increase your understanding of the practical applications of the themes I cover.

I am forever indebted to the countless individuals that have had an impact on my thinking throughout my life. My life and the culture of my family have been immeasurably improved by what I have discovered, absorbed, and applied. I am not the same man I was ten years ago, five years ago, or even one year ago. I’m a better person, a better husband, a better father, and a better friend. And I am quite certain that I still have a long way to go before I’ll be the person my loved ones deserve. Please, enjoy this booklet, and if you do, pass it on.

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