There’s No Such Thing as Legalized Crime

I wish it would go without saying, but many a libertarian decry practices like taxation and civil asset forfeiture as “legalized theft.” Et cetera, Et cetera.

It is only “legalized” if the laws allowing it actually applied to anyone, that they are anything more than opinions scribbled on parchment, paper, or computer screens.

The fact is: they don’t. Tax laws, civil asset forfeiture laws, permit laws, business licensing laws, and on and on, aren’t legalized anything.

And I think we do clear thinking and the cause of liberty a disservice when we assume, in spite of the absence of facts and evidence to the contrary, that these scribbled opinions have any applicability on anybody.

Legal codes and constitutions are as applicable to you and I as are mafia and gang orders.

They are opinions backed by violence. That’s factually all they are. Taxation is not “legalized” theft; it is just plain… old… theft.

Same goes for every other aggressive imposition against innocent people made by those calling themselves “government.”

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Founder and editor of and, Skyler is a husband and unschooling father of three beautiful children. His writings include the column series “One Voluntaryist’s Perspective” and “One Improved Unit,” and blog series “Two Cents“. Skyler also wrote the books No Hitting! and Toward a Free Society, and edited the books Everything Voluntary and Unschooling Dads. You can hear Skyler chatting away on his podcasts, Everything Voluntary and Thinking & Doing.

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Alex Knight
Alex Knight
5 years ago

An instance in which things are revealed to be worse still is income taxation, in which even the ruse of government’s own “laws” is routinely and manifestly violated in order to impose and enforce collection: