The Cost of Dependency

Apparently 5 NYC taxi drivers have recently committed suicide. This is being blamed on Uber and other ride-sharing innovations.

Instead of dropping the taxi business and its precious “medallions” like a rotting gopher, the drivers are killing themselves. Can they not imagine a way of life without their expensive government monopoly? If liberty is killing the taxi monopoly, as they claim, why not adapt and start driving for one of the other options? Why demand a place on the sinking ship?

Government tries to outlaw liberty, but liberty finds a way. You can either adapt or die. And, in some cases, I guess those who don’t want to adapt will kill themselves.

Waaaa! Our government-promised monopoly is dying! I might as well kill myself instead of giving up the teat!

One of the whiners demonstrated his lack of ethics by saying “… [Uber, et al] should be regulated like taxi cabs.” Yep. “I had to do it this way, so I want everyone else violated in the same way I was.” It’s the statist faith in action.

How about this instead: taxis and ride-sharing services should both be unregulated, except by customer choice.

Anything less is pathetic and statist.

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