Standing Up for Liberty Isn’t Political

Liberty is the “political” sphere’s null set. Politics is the active (rather than passive) attempt to violate liberty.

For example: humans have always had the natural right to arm themselves. This wasn’t even debated; it’s just how it is, always has been, and always will be. Nothing can change it.

Then someone decided to use politics to stop people from arming themselves, and punish those who didn’t cooperate with this violation.

Some of those who resist being violated use politics in an attempt to fight back, but this is just playing the bullies’ game– by the rules the bullies set up and enforce. It might get you a temporary reprieve, but in the long run, it’s a losing strategy.

Standing up for your liberty, by living it, isn’t political. But trying to stop people from living their liberty is.

Anti-gun activists and anti-knife activists (or their supporters) are being political.

Gun rights (and knife rights) activists– especially those simply ignoring the “laws” and doing what they have a natural human right to do– aren’t.

You have no obligation to tolerate those trying to stop you from doing what you have a right to do. You have no obligation to play politics in self-defense. Why march or v*te for your rights? Just exercise them.

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