Snooping Archators

Snoopy, privacy-invading technology has the potential to be annoying but is only dangerous because you– or someone— allows aggressive, thieving gangs to use the collected data to molest and control you.

Apart from the superstitious belief in government, snoopy technology wouldn’t really be an issue.

You could shoot trespassing drones out of the sky.

You could refuse to incriminate yourself for the convenience of bureaucrats.

You could exercise your right of association and refuse to do business with companies who snoop and only patronize those who protect your data, and there would be no gang to extort them to either spy on you (or let the gang create “backdoors” in the company’s private property where they can enter to snoop on you) or lose their “license” to conduct business.

You could do all sorts of “illegal” things to protect your privacy and get restitution when snoops violate you.

And no data unethically collected could ever be used to govern you, anyway, because the governing gang wouldn’t be there to use the information against you.

Again, the root problem is archation; the bothersome trouble most people outside our liberty family will notice from snoops is just what naturally results from snooping in the presence of government.

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