Episode 046 – 2014, The Year of Change (1h21m)

Episode 046 takes a look back at 2014 for Skyler and Phil, and how their lives have changed since beginning the podcast just over a year ago. They also make a couple of predictions for 2015.

Listen to Episode 046 (1h21m, mp3, 128kbps)

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New Topic: Improvement!

A topic we’ve been unintentionally covering here is self-improvement, or self-growth. One of my columns, Greg Diehl’s column, and frequently shared among the parenting and unschooling Editor’s Picks and other columns are insight on improving one’s self. Change beings from within. Becoming a better person can be challenging. Believe me, I know! I hope these insights will prove beneficial. See the current Editor’s Picks archive on improvement here.


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