Remembering The Gift of Presence

Editor’s Pick. Written by Alice Hanscam.

Technology has increased our opportunities to accomplish things, as well as increased the things we need to accomplish. And I wonder, at what cost to the important relationships around us?

As your attention gets pulled in multiple directions, how are you feeling? Satisfied at accomplishing so much? Energized by your success? Or perhaps, like many of my clients, you are feeling frenzied and stressed, finding relief and ease only when youʼve put multi-tasking aside, bringing your attention to whatʼs right in front of you—maybe a chore, or more often your child.

As parents, we are continuously looking at whatʼs best for our children. How often have you found yourself saying, “Not now, Iʼm busy,” “Yes, Iʼm listening,” “Let me just do one more thing,” “Just a minute…maybe later…Iʼll be right back.” Are these familiar to you? What message are we giving our children when in so many of our interactions with them our attention is divided?

It seems to me as if we are saying, “You are not important enough to have my full attention.” How sad. We are, intentionally or not, communicating disrespect to our children—these same kids we find ourselves wishing would “show us some respect” come teen years!

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