Permissive Parenting?

Written by Skyler Collins.

Advocates for peaceful, nonviolent parenting, those who don’t use punishments in disciplining their children, are often derided as “permissive”, as if the parenting spectrum stretches between the two. Nothing could be further from the truth. Permissive parenting is as much non-parenting as punishment parenting is. Both neglect the needs of the child in exchange for a quick fix solution, either ignoring the problem or offering an off-the-cuff punishment, either smacking, time-out, or confiscating something valuable to the child.

Here are some more resources on on this false dichotomy:

Attentive Parenting – Ren Allen, Pam Sorooshian, Deb Rossing
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Mindful Parenting – Ren Allen, Sandra Dodd
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Gentle Guidance – Jan Hunt, Natural Child Project
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Authentic Parenting – Naomi Aldort
Enjoy Parenting – Scott Noelle
Hand-in-Hand Parenting – Patty Wipfler

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