Partitions VIII — The Mexican Border Wall

Nobody asked but …

There will be a partially completed money pit on the US-Mexican Border for ever more.  No POTUS nor COTUS nor SCOTUS will ever finish it, because 1) the political budgeting process never finishes anything, and 2) no one who could possibly take the blame for the failure and unintended consequences of a completed wall will allow the wall to be completed.  But the demagogues from the anti-immigration faction of the anti-immigration party will campaign on a wall, and they, if admitted to office, will play the wall for all it is worth, for his or her length of time as a public trustee — but never finish the wall to keep the anti-immigration faction yapping for more.

In the meantime, we will suffer the most egregious segregation since the Mason-Dixon Line.  Next we may hear proposals for inland barriers to catch the miscreants who evaded the actual border wall.  Then we might be asked to vote for the maniac who would build barriers between the states, creating the USSA (United Separated States of America).  Or why not move customs out into the ocean, offshore, in an archipelago of ICE (in 2016, Kilgorette and I went through US Customs and TSA in the Dublin, Ireland airport facility).

Does anyone else feel confined to quarters?  Are we partitioning ourselves?

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