Let’s Outlaw Murder!

Nobody asked but …

Are we in an echo chamber?  Certain sounds are coming back.  Sounds like, “We must control guns because guns kill,” are everywhere.  How effective have been all such prior cries?  And yet a madman smuggles 2 dozen firearms into a perfect vantage point to kill 58 people (and counting).  High vantage points are associated with projectile deaths — let’s outlaw all structures over the average human height — tall structures kill.  Below, from an article based on Center for Disease Control statistics, “5 things cause two-thirds of U. S. deaths:”

Five things kill more people in the United States than anything else: heart disease, cancer, lung disease such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, stroke and unintentional injuries such as those on roads or caused by medication overdoses. {emphasis added}

Wow!  Neither firearms nor illegal drugs are on that list!  Why don’t we find something that is associated with heart disease and outlaw it.  Obesity comes to mind.  Why don’t we find something that is associated with unintentional injuries, like automobiles, and ban them.  Let’s outlaw death, let’s outlaw guns!  But wait, isn’t murder already against the law?

— Kilgore Forelle

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