My One Unchanging Rule

Wherever I go, wherever I am, there is one rule I live by that doesn’t change: Don’t archate.

I hold myself to it, even though I don’t consider it a “thou shalt not” to be imposed on you.

I may agree to additional rules if the situation warrants it, but I won’t agree to any rule that breaks that primary rule.

In a civilized society this wouldn’t be a problem, but in the uncivil environment of States, this can get me into a lot of trouble if I’m not careful. Sometimes even if I am careful.

I may be forced to alter my behavior somewhat if a bad guy has the drop on me, but it doesn’t mean I accept his counterfeit “rule”, it just means I know he can kill me.

But that’s just how it is in the here and now. As for my part, it’s not going to change on my end. I know a counterfeit “rule” when I see one, and nothing can hide their nature from me, just as nothing I have encountered so far has falsified the Zero Archation Principle, and I would be surprised if anything ever did.

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