Man is a Social, not a Tribalistic Creature

Man is not a tribal creature – or, worse still, a tribalistic creature – but a social creature. It is in his nature to undertake collective endeavors, but it is not in his nature to submit to collectivist enslavement. His natural urge is to cooperate, not to serve, and all of his specifically human accomplishments bear the clear mark of individual will, not of herd instinct.

Tribalism and collectivism may be alluring and addictive – as evil things usually are – but they are unnatural in the sense that they diminish our humanity and stifle its potential. They are a caricature of human coexistence, not its natural form, and it is crucial to bear this in mind whenever power-hungry swindlers equate what is popular with what is natural. Society is a harmony of individual desires – it is only the mob that is a cacophony of animalistic lusts. If we want to belong to the former and never fall victim to the latter, it is imperative to remember that they couldn’t be further apart, and that the human mind needs to be stupefied if it is to forget this fact.

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“You are what you value. I value: individual liberty, economic common sense, logical rigour, clarity of thought, intellectual integrity and quiet charity.”

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NAP Parent
4 years ago

You’re argument is “Man is x, not y” and “Y is evil”.

How do you know man is x, not y? How do you conclude that y is evil?

You appeal to what is “natural”. “Man’s nature is social, and tribalism is unnatural.” What does that mean? These things exist, so what does it mean for them to be unnatural?

H. Rearden
H. Rearden
4 years ago
Reply to  NAP Parent

Like many people who post to the internet the author gave his opinion but did not state evidence for how he arrived at his conclusion. I however stated evidence in my response. It is a fact and there is much evidence that people behave both tribal and social. Things do not have to be either/or. Some things are not black or white.

H. Rearden
H. Rearden
4 years ago

There is evidence that man is both a tribalistic and a social “creature”. Ironically many who say they favor liberty have indicated based on their actions that they are tribalistic by labeling themselves and those who agree with them with labels and placing themselves into camps within a larger camp of people they claim to be part of. There are people within the so called liberty movement who have formed “caucuses” and say they are a member of the such and such caucus. Also there are sports fans ( I am)who support a particular team. There are fights that have… Read more »