Make Haste, Waste, Confusion

Nobody asked but …

I know this POTUS needs a fence post in the ground.  Without one, he will never have more, he will repair no fences.  But his tweetstorm admonitions for speed are counterproductive.  What is he, a muleskinner?  The way he curses the mules and urges them to greater speed would make it seem so.  More than one congressperson and many citizens are wondering, what are the plans?  As an anti-state guy, I am as opposed as any to central planning, but if we are going to have government action anyway, I prefer planned action as opposed to empty action, or worse, helterskelter action.  POTUS does not care about content, substance, or consequences, therefore it is quite easy to urge haste when one can ignore the knock-on effects.  POTUS only seems to be concerned with looking busy and notches on his dealmaker’s gun-grip.

 — Kilgore Forelle
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