Laid Down Their Arms and Walked Away

I am glad that Bowe Bergdahl will not be required to spend any more time as the prisoner of a criminal regime. He suffered more than enough as a captive of the US government, the Taliban, and then the US government again.

While Bergdahl’s method of leaving his post was perhaps less than ideal, he never intended to cause anyone harm. He simply wished to stop acting as a mercenary for the criminal government which had sent him to invade and occupy the homes and lands of others.

If only others had similar courage, the US government’s immoral and violent interventionism could be ended. Remember: the state has no power of its own. It relies entirely upon armed men to do violence on its behalf. If those men refused, the state would be relegated to a meaningless debate club in which pompous and maniacal narcissists squabbled over their respective preferences.

Politicians would be powerless if their enforcers laid down their arms and walked away. The more who do, the better.

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Parrish Miller has worked as a web designer, policy analyst, blogger, journalist, digital media manager, and social media marketing consultant. Having been largely cured of his political inclinations, he now finds philosophy more interesting than politics and is focused particularly on alternative ideas such as counter-economics, agorism, voluntaryism, and unschooling.