On the Hunger Games IV

As I finish up this series, halfway through the third and final book, one major theme that has been consistent throughout is the effects that violence has on an individual’s mind. Written in live first person, the author, Suzanne Collins, brilliantly portrays what the Games and the following rebellion does internally to Katniss. Horror after horror has serious ramifications to her mental state. She swings from stable and present to unstable and distance time and time again as the story unfolds. Even though some of the violence that she participates in seems justified, she knows deep down how wrong and harmful it is to not only her, but to everyone. There are no true winners in war. And her greatest battle seems to be hanging on to herself, as the violence does more and more to destroy who she is. War and violence not only destroys things outside, but it also destroys things inside. And that’s today’s two cents.


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