Instant or Nothing?

I know a free society isn’t going to be instant.

Taxation” isn’t going to be abolished today.

All anti-gun “laws” aren’t going to be eliminated today.

Violations of life, liberty, and property, committed by organized gangs of archators who call themselves “government” will continue.

But that realization is no reason to do things in support of these violations. It’s not “pragmatic;” it’s back-stabbing.

I really don’t understand those willing to act as though these acts of statism are “legitimate” just because they aren’t going away today. Cancer won’t be cured today, either, but that’s no reason to pretend it’s good or necessary.

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H. Rearden
H. Rearden
5 years ago

Sure but for example if you want to travel via automobile you will have to use roads and highways that were built with stolen money. If you want to travel via a commercial airline you will have to go through the TSA security check points at airports. So I suppose to be truly committed to principle that leaves perhaps travel by a hot air balloon. Also one has no choice but to use the services of AmTrak to travel by train because by the 1970’s passenger rail service was no longer profitable because of the popularity of the automobile. I’m… Read more »